202109 Apr

SnackMagic Secures $15 Million to Scale Personalized Snack Box Company


Successful pivot from lunch delivery service STADIUM, SnackMagic broadens menu and expands categories as demand surges NEW YORK, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - , the first build-your-own gift box platform, today announced it raised $15 million in Series A funding, led by Craft Ventures, with participation from Luxor Capital. With Toyota, Microsoft, Okta, Fidelity, Amazon, Google, Spotify, Harvard, Stanford, Virginia Tech, MIT, and Princeton already signed on as customers, SnackMagics new funding will help it scale to meet growing demand. When Covid-19 hit and offices shut down, Amin leveraged STADIUMs backend systems to launch SnackMagic—a concept that saw immediate success and took his company from in just eight months, becoming profitable in December 2020. From single orders to batches of a thousand plus, SnackMagic delivers an addictive experience for everything from corporate culture building and event integrations to personal gifting. "SnackMagics immediate success was due to an excellent combination of timing, innovative thinking, and world-class execution," said Bryan Rosenblatt, principal investor at Craft Ventures.

Source: Prnewswire