202108 Apr
The Cost of Not Doing Onboarding
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In this blog post, we’re going to look at a video by Jack McGrath on the cost of not doing onboarding and how it affects your bottom line. According to a Glass Door survey, the average employer spends four thousand dollars in 24 days on a new hire in North America. That is, how can you automate onboarding so that you have training that’s standardized and consistent, that’s engaging aligns completely with your corporate brand, but that you can do in an inexpensive fashion? So the next portion of onboarding is that Danica has to go up onto Hilton worldwide university and share back what she’s learned about her marketing plan and her process. We talked about losing a third of your employees within six months, and research shows that with onboarding and training for your new hires, their retention increases by 82% percent.

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