202107 Apr
ETSI Non-IP Networks releases first reports
General News

These reports set the scene for standardisation of technology that meets the requirements of mission-critical systems such as industrial control, intelligent vehicles, sound reinforcement for live events, and remote medicine,” explained John Grant, Chair of ISG NIN. Topics covered include efficient use of the cellular radio spectrum, naming and addressing (including addressing lifecycle), Quality of Service (QoS) and time-sensitive traffic, security, network management, efficient forwarding, and migration. ETSI GR NIN 002, implementing Non-IP networking over 3GPP cellular access, describes and recommends approaches to test Non-IP Networking (NIN) using mobile radio access. This includes existing mechanisms specified by 3GPP for both LTE and 5G Radio Access Networks, as well as guidance on enabling a non-IP protocol stack directly atop the 3GPP PHY (physical) radio layer. The third Report, ETSI GR NIN 003, illustrates how the Flexilink technology described in another ETSI Specification, ETSI GS NGP 013, can carry multiple services, using as examples RINA, TCP/IP, and digital audio and video, including example packet formats and requirements for the control plane protocols.

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