202107 Apr
Whats in your blog?
General News

Instead of picking key topics to focus on, some have adopted a scattered shot approach to their content, filling it was random internal announcements, financial updates and product launches. Instead of using this area to answer key questions about their products or industry, or to provide genuinely engaging content that people who have bought into their business would really enjoy, it became the dumping ground of everything that didn’t fit elsewhere. As websites have matured and marketing approaches developed, informational content that would have previously been chucked on the blog now has various other place it can sit. As the world starts to reset and people rethink their approach to pretty much everything, now is the perfect time to take a good, hard look at your website and content strategy to see if you’re utilising your blog to its potential. If your blog has lost its way, now is the ideal time to put it back on the right path and give your loyal audiences the content they need and deserve.

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