202107 Apr
AI computer validated as NVIDIA GPU cloud-ready platform
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In a configuration with NVIDIA T4 GPUs, Lanner network appliances have been tested for functionality, performance, and ease of deployment to AI frameworks and virtualised, disaggregated 5G ready network architecture. “In the case of telecom for instance, customers can bring Edge AI to advance an array of applications – from 5G Open RAN to edge data centers, private networks, and MEC.” The NGC-Ready validation process included extensive testing on the FX-3420 and LEC-2290 for a wide range of applications for on-premise, cloud and edge deployments. Lanner’s validated network appliances can help customers leverage the extensive range of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated software available for real-time intelligent decision making. Customers can easily migrate workflow compute environments including both hybrid and multi-cloud implementations, run GPU-optimised software on bare metal servers or on virtualised environments, and maximise utilisation of GPUs and network interoperability. Lanner will be taking part in the NVIDIA GTC 2021 Conference as a 2021 PLATINUM partner (April 12th to 16th).

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