202106 Apr
NEA leads $12M Series A in Rapid Robotics amid US manufacturing resurgence
Funding Rounds
202106 Apr
$12MSeries A

Rapid Robotics entry into the market comes at a pivotal moment for US manufacturing, as the Biden administration ambitious plans to revitalize the sector, boosting competitiveness in areas including automotive, pharmaceuticals, public health and semiconductor. “It’s really that simple.” “America’s shortage of machine operators is a bona fide crisis,” agreed NEA General Partner and former Silicon Graphics Chief Technology Officer Forest Baskett. Rapid Robotics customers report their RMOs have not only helped them win contracts but also to increase headcount and transition existing employees to less repetitive, higher-value, more satisfying work. The highly precise process requires three human operators each day, which limited our ability to meet the customer’s needs and to take on new work,” said Ryan Gagne, Engineering Manager at TouchMark. Available for just $25K a year and requiring absolutely no programming, systems integration, specialized hardware or robotics skills, the Rapid Machine Operator enables manufacturers to easily deploy a pre-trained cobot in hours, moving it between tasks as needed and seeing ROI in months.

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