202106 Apr
Upsolver enables no-code data analytics in the cloud with $25M funding
Funding Rounds
202106 Apr
$25MSeries B

Upsolver develops software designed to prime data lakes for analytics, CEO Ori Rafael told VentureBeat via email. Founded in 2014 by Rafael and Yoni Eini, the company’s platform offers a visual structured query language (SQL) interface and automations for data optimization, tuning, and orchestration. The platform recently launched on Azure and is set to become available in a community edition delivering “free-forever” capabilities to those with smaller workloads, providing a proving ground for companies who might want to work with Upsolver on larger use cases. And in 2017, Forbes reported that 53% of companies had adopted big data analytics, with a large portion opting to run workloads in the cloud. Today’s organizations require a variety of analytics tools to fully capitalize on their data,” Tseitlin said in a press release.

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