202106 Apr
2021 Cybercrime and Protecting your Data
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Unfortunately, with the pandemic dragging on and an extremely drained remote workforce that still needs to be secured, there is every chance that cybercrime will be an even bigger headache in the months ahead. By aligning security efforts with business goals, redesigning infrastructure, and looking at new technologies, organizations can build resilience while setting themselves up for future success. The possibility of the vaccine is certain to be exploited by ruthless attackers and the likelihood of an economic downturn will create larger numbers of these criminals. It is critical to be prepared for this developing threat and organizations must continue to support remote workers, encourage a healthy separation between work and home life, and set clear policies on how social media and different kinds of technologies can be used in the right way. Working together within the organization and with your technology partners can aid in your ability to effectively respond to any new threats while also maintaining a high level of service.

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