202106 Apr
How to Attract Female Employees to Your Company – and Retain Them!

For decades, companies such as IBM, Genentech, and Salesforce have been held up as models for attracting, retaining, and developing female talent – and promoting gender equity in the workplace. You can state, “Our Company commits to hiring and retaining women.” Follow that up with examples of valued behaviors, such as: • None “I seek opportunities to include women on my team.” • None “I support the development of female employees to help ensure that they are building the skills they need to succeed.” • “I listen to female employees and strive to align goals and remove roadblocks related to their career progression. Work with your leaders, managers, and recruiters to identify the skills and competencies they need to succeed at attracting and retaining female workers. A swath of other companies – large and small – adjusted their workflow to support employees in completing their work early in the mornings, late at night, or in pockets of availability during the day. Commit to Career Paths and Promotions for Women When it comes down to figuring out how to retain female employees, much of the answer lies in valuing them and their work.

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