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Hone Down Your Many Choices Once you’ve chosen one or two social media platforms that make the most sense, you’ll need to offer engaging content over a period of time. Fine-tune your message and think about the media channels you use, including: Blog articles (and guest blogging) Press releases TV, video, or online magazine interviews Sponsorships Published books or speaking engagements Hosting radio or podcasting shows (or guest) Well-done content will outperform competitor “fluff “ as Google picks up on original material incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the proper keywords, hashtags, titles, and descriptions. Every business owner should know digital marketing basics, from choosing topics to the best media types or social platforms to reach your audience. We also look at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to build awareness, optimize email campaigns, and offer automation through Artificial Intelligence applications (AI). Each target audience has followers, too, reinforcing your online presence and expertise through their loyal friends and multiplying the number of people who recognize your name and reputation.

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