202106 Apr
One year in cyber lockdown - what did we learn?
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We know that a quarter of Brits compromised their security at home during the first six months of the pandemic, sharing work passwords and equipment with a flatmate, partner, friend or family member amid increased home-schooling and a pressure to remain productive. We know that phishing and fraud are on the rise amid increased personal information sharing online, potentially leading to our work identities being compromised as a result. With work and personal lives blurring together amid ongoing restrictions, cyber security has to become the C-suite priority in order for businesses to stay a step ahead: four in five attacks are preventable with the right tools and processes. Investment in identity security and staff training is a must for those organisations planning to continue with a hybrid or dispersed workforce model, as we start getting the virus under control. While the ability to work from anywhere may be among some of the hottest workplace perks right now, we’ve learnt all too well that enjoying the privilege safely will, no doubt, require some time and education for both businesses and individuals.

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