202106 Apr
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Studio allows us to execute on our mission of ‘enabling our customers to solve the world’s hardest problems and realise the digital future of the planet with mission-critical intelligent systems where security, safety, and reliability are not optional’. To this end, we are pleased to announce general availability of the latest round of Studio capabilities that gives companies the ability to build, deploy, operate, and service intelligent systems on the edge. With these new Studio capabilities, we up-level the provided development tooling through delivery of a pre-integrated, cloud scale DevSecOps environment to build, deploy, test, and simulate devices and intelligent systems. Studio is accelerating product development cycles and reducing build times/development processes from hours to minutes – for example, using Studio technology, a build and test process that takes 12 hours was be reduced to an execution time of 16 minutes! The latest Studio capabilities, enable the following through one single pane of glass and hosted in the users own public cloud instance for privacy / security / data ownership: • DevSecOps: Build any intelligent systems project faster at cloud scale with ML-driven dependency graph analysis to optimise builds.

  • Networking
  • Virtualization & Network Resources
  • HealthTech
  • Medical Equipment Software
  • Aerospace