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A Day in the Life at NIX Grand Hotel
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A Day in the Life at NIX Grand Hotel What first comes to mind, when in the morning a gallant, sharp-dressed guy meets you at the office elevator cabin, which during the night someone upholstered in red velvet? After a tough 2020, the year that brought us the pandemic and constant working from home, simple pleasures like getting back to the office, meeting old friends, and seeing other people’s smiles is a true holiday in and of itself. Mysterious and adventurous, as from a movie of a similar name directed by Wes Anderson, the NIX Grand Hotel provides everything for taking girls’ minds off in between urgent tasks, and after a productive working day. There is also a cosmetics lab where certified pharmacist-technologists hold a master class on routine care for all types of skin and offers every girl to prepare moisturizer of her own, from all the natural ingredients. “My makeup is my armor, My dress is like the paramour,” the eccentric vocalist enters and the NIX girls sparkle and light up the dance floor.

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