202006 Apr
To Boost Business Development In Sharjah, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center Awards ‘Little Thinking Minds’ $100K Equity-Free Grant
Funding Rounds
202006 Apr

Participating entrepreneurs were given access to Sheraa’s team of experts and network of global mentors, business set-up support, rent-free co-working spaces and free licensing, a pool of skilled human capital and media coverage. It also stimulates cultural entities to embrace projects and initiatives which advance knowledge and culture.” "As Sharjah serves a yearlong stint as World Book Capital 2019; the SWBC Committee had set a number of goals to achieve in 2019–20. The program serves as a launchpad into the Sharjah and wider UAE market, supporting the growth of innovative start-ups as well as furthering the emirate’s vision to be a global destination for high impact businesses. As Sheraa’s partners, we are strongly committed to supporting them as well as all other entrepreneurial talents in the field to fulfill their career objectives, while enabling them to contribute to Sharjah’s and the UAE’s creative economies,” he stated. I hope the program will allow entrepreneurs to leverage the emirate’s thriving business environment, harnesses key opportunities presented by Sharjah at its annual global events and fairs, and gain from the local and regional initiatives which focus on the promotion of creative content creation.” Little Thinking Minds is a leading education technology company that creates advanced Arabic language digital solutions and platforms focused at enhancing learning outcomes for school-aged children in the MENA region and beyond.

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