202125 Mar

9 Effective Lead Generation Ideas to Market in the Digital Age Blog


As the pandemic forces us all to take a step back and rethink our marketing strategy, brick and mortar businesses are finding it a little harder to deal with these unprecedented times. You produce content that’s valuable to your audience, then give it away free of charge, in exchange for some personal information – typically their name, email address, and phone number. They’re a little less common on professional service sites, but could include messaging like: • Save your free spot at our virtual event The cyberchimps consultancy page is a good example of this in action. For instance, strong CTAs and personalized landing pages make it more likely your gated content will be downloaded, which in turn fills up your email marketing list. About the author: Freya is the founder of the personal finance blog CollectingCents that teaches readers how to grow their passive income, save money, improve their credit score, and manage debt.

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