202103 Mar
How to Learn New Software
New Products

The long process of researching systems, evaluating different vendors, watching demos and finally signing a proposal is done. When you begin training, instead of just learning how to use the system, make sure that you also focus on how the new software can help achieve your end goals – such as the ability to reduce manual work and human error. However, don’t let any of these things stop you from continuing the learning process and always try to focus on the end goal and how the system will eventually make your life easier. It can be easy to forget everything once you first learn it, and while there is no need to duplicate the training resources that the vendor has already created, if you do get stuck, you can easily compare notes with your colleagues to work together on figuring it out. Learning something new can be scary, but if you did your due diligence, the rewards and benefits of using a new software system will very quickly outweigh any frustrations during the training process.

  • ERP & Process Management
  • ERP
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation, Logistics & Inventory
  • Inventory Planning