202111 Mar
5 Mistakes to Avoid as an eCommerce Business
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Covid-19 has made a direct impact on the global retail market and business owners are relying on eCommerce platforms to overcome the lack of foot-traffic in their brick-and-mortar stores. Mistake #1: Looking at eCommerce in isolation Deciding to expand your business to the global market can be daunting but is worth investigating. You’ll want to be responsive, quick and accurate with your products, stay up to date on digital marketing and social media trends, all while managing the back-end of your business. Think of it this way; if a customer places an order on Friday night and spends the weekend feeling excited about their shipment, just to get an email Monday morning that it’s out of stock, they would be pretty disappointed and likely won’t be visiting your site again any time soon. The guide below has a ton of great information about starting your eCommerce business including cost considerations and platform options.

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