202117 Mar
Keep Your Books in Balance with Accounting ERP Software
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After all, computerized systems can automatically process all entries to ledgers, track debits and credits, and provide balanced “books” at the end of the year. Therefore, it seemed logical for businesses to take advantage of this new automation and decrease manual accounting expenses by using cheaper – but less accounting-educated – data entry staff. Today, many small businesses don’t have dedicated Chief Financial Officers or Controllers on staff, and instead, they rely on contract accounting at year-end. This wastes expensive hours paid out by your business to the contract specialist hired to sort out where and when the incorrect entries were made. Entry-level accounting software such as QuickBooks provides many benefits such as ease of use and minimal training, but because of the software’s simplicity it is easy to make mistakes or delete transactions without creating an audit trail and the system will not automatically check to ensure everything balances.

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