202104 Mar
5 Channel Partner Program and MSP News Updates: Thursday 04 March 2021
General News

Here are five (actually, more) technology news updates, insights, chatter, and plenty more to start your day for Wednesday, March 3, 2021. There is concern that the SPAC market is becoming overheated, with too many investors striving chasing a limited pool of companies that are truly ready to be publicly held. The RPA software includes 370 prebuilt actions that help businesses build automated workflows across applications. The suite also features “the extension of its Root Cause Explorer solution to include Kubernetes metrics and tracing, expansion of its Global Intelligence Service for Kubernetes, as well as a new beta program for both AWS Lambda support and Browser Real User Monitoring.” The result: “DevOps and site reliability engineers (SREs) [can] get a holistic view of all microservices to identify and resolve issues faster.” 6. Partnership – IT Consulting and Vulnerability Management: Global IT consulting firm HCL Technologies will embed Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response) into the HCL Technologies CyberSecurity Fusion Center (CSFC), the two companies say.

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