202104 Mar
What Is Clubhouse?: The New Social Media App
General News

For example, the app was only launched in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. and by May 2020 was valued at nearly $100 million, a total which had risen to a staggering $1 billion by January 21, 2021! Also, conversations can be very interesting and diverse, and journalists have now start hosting their own weekly rooms discussing trends that could represent new publicity opportunities. – Recently, it was reported that a Clubhouse user (now banned) found a way to stream multiple rooms from their own feed to a website in what has been downplayed as a data ‘spill’. After realising that it was possible to be in multiple rooms at once, the rogue user reportedly connected a Clubhouse API to his website, thereby sharing his login remotely with anyone who wanted to listen to audio chats from the app. The popularity of the app means that it now faces the threat of big social media players quickly launching their own versions (e.g. Twitter’s ‘Spaces’).

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