202104 Mar
TMS Software Blog: New Delphi productivity developer tool from new TMS FNC partner
General News

We are glad to welcome Neil Laskowski from SwiftExpat in the TMS FNC Partner program . RunTime ToolKit addresses the challenges faced with user interface elements such as fine tuning color schemes, ensuring translated fields are displayed properly, and resizing controls. With the drag of a button you place the Marshal control in your application and instrument your existing code. Marshal records each change to component properties in a session which can be reviewed offline in Caddie. You can visit the Runtime Toolkit page from SwiftExpat and discover how Runtime Toolkit can help you increase your developer productivity.Have you also developed interesting components or add-on tools based on our FNC framework, get in touch!

  • Business Process Management
  • Business Planning / Continuity
  • Data Management
  • Retail
  • Point of Sale (POS)