202103 Mar
Why the Education Sector Needs to Make Cyber Security a Priority
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Overnight, and on top of the usual logistics of the academic year, the education system had to abruptly revaluate everything that it knew, in order to continue teaching the minds or our future, to safeguard students, employees, data and intellectual property. In response, and in a bid to uphold some level of continuity, new rules have been implemented, new systems put in place, and new guidelines for teaching and learning have been made. With each successful attack costing thousands of pounds in the process.” – Feras Tappuni, CEO, SecurityHQ The education sector will always be a prime target to hackers. The sheer size of the industry, and with it the potential of great financial gain, data theft and espionage, makes it a prime target for cyber criminals. If a bad actor can infiltrate this portal or create a phishing campaign to trick the user into sending the money to the wrong account, the benefits are huge.

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