202102 Mar
ETSI releases Middlebox Security Protocols specification for fine-grained access control
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Network operators, service providers, users, enterprises, and small businesses require being granted varied (fine grained) permissions. At present, the solutions used often break security mechanisms and/or ignore the desire for explicit authorization by the endpoints. This intrusive "break-and-inspect" method, ignoring the desire for explicit authorization by endpoints, raises questions around security, privacy and trust. TLMSP was born from an academic effort that evolved into ETSI TC CYBER – adding security measures against known attacks, and more features including auditing, a more flexible message format, adaptation to varying network conditions, on-path middlebox discovery and improved handling of errors. The use cases for TLMSP are many and varied, forming the basis of ETSI’s MSP hackathon: • system and user security, including cyber defence and protection of user data • operational use cases including in Content Delivery Networks • compliance by network operators with obligations and service agreements, and discharge of transparency and audit obligations in regulated industries • maintaining enterprise network and data centre visibility ETSI TS 103 523-2 is Part 2 of the Middlebox Security Protocol (MSP) series; this series is a set of protocol specifications that enable secure and functional operation of next generation middleboxes.

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