202102 Mar
Increased Use of Headless CMS in 2020 Brings Big Benefits to Business, Survey Shows
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CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Two thirds of agencies tasked with developing websites and other digital content platforms use headless content management systems (CMS) regularly, with nearly half (48%) seeing an increase in client projects that benefited from headless CMS in 2020. A headless CMS provides more control over content, faster time to market, and most important for a client’s business, the ability to swiftly respond to emerging opportunities. “With more digital channels targeting a client’s many audiences, getting content deployed quickly and efficiently to all is an increasingly complex task for agencies,” said Kim Sneum Madsen, CEO, Umbraco. This is a win for developers, content managers and the client’s overall business, because a relevant, agile, flexible and scalable multichannel market strategy enables new business opportunities that help companies thrive in today’s competitive market.” According to the survey, the industries that use headless CMS the most are e-commerce and retail, with the public sector and financial industries following. An agency can use a headless CMS to create: • A retail catalog that feeds products and specifications to multiple digital channels • An e-commerce or banking site that offers a variety of ways to engage with customers, such as a chatbot, a web app, text messages, a voice assistant skill, and even an augmented reality experience • A citizen-friendly, device-agnostic, multilingual portal and text messaging system to deliver city government services that engage residents “Headless CMS is truly an enabler,” Madsen concluded.

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