202102 Mar
Farnell stocks source measure units from Rohde & Schwarz
General News

A modulation input is provided to connect to an arbitrary function generator, enabling the instrument to act as an AC source. The special ammeter design is used to precisely measure current drains from nA to A in one pass and an optional voltmeter input removes the need to have an additional digital multimeter for certain applications. James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tool and Production Supplies at Farnell, said: We are very pleased to introduce this next generation of source measure units from our partners at Rohde & Schwarz. The expansion of Farnell’s already extensive Rohde & Schwarz range demonstrates our continued commitment to bring-to-market the latest solutions from leading global manufacturers in the test and measurement space. Farnell offers a full range of products to support electronic design and test with no minimum order value and a comprehensive education discount programme.

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