202127 Feb
DevOps and agile for all: technology professionals need to lead the way in the post-Covid era ahead
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The role of IT professionals and managers in the year ahead will be to apply their learnings and educate and demonstrate the power of these philosophies to the rest of the enterprise. As discussed on our previous post, 74% of organizations now report having an active DevOps program, up from 47% five years ago -- and the Covid crisis of 2020 only put an exclamation point on these efforts. DevOps, for one, "is a movement that refuses to be defined," says Mike Loukides, vice president of emerging tech content at OReilly Media. "We have adopted multiple practices and, most importantly, the cultural mindset change which is at the core of DevOps," says John Donoghue, director of development at Smart Communications. "You can have all the DevOps tooling, pipelines, and dashboards setup, but if teams start to revert to old ways of ad hoc changes, deployments without testing, the process and the methodology falls apart," cautions Joe Clarke, distinguished customer experience engineer at Cisco: "Likewise, with agile, you need a culture of transparency with alignment to strategy where all work is recorded so that you have end-to-end traceability and accountability to the strategy."

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