201905 Jun

How to Start a Website for Your Small Business


WordPress offers almost unlimited scalability and flexibility by letting you extend the platform through ‘plugins’, ‘themes’, and via coding. You can use this to search for available domains, so a good place to start is by searching for your actual business name:If this isn’t available, you will be shown a series of alternative, related options:Once you find one (or more) domain names you like, you can purchase and point it to your site Finally, it’s time to put your actual site together. Naturally, this process will vary massively depending on the type of site, its scope, and what features you require. However, this is a good starting point for your site, which you can grow over time as more customers come your way!It’s practically mandatory to create a website for your small business. In this article, we’ve covered the basic steps of setting up a site for your small business.

Source: Vesess