202122 Feb
What is Google Passage Ranking: Key Points You Should Know
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To understand it much better, take a look at the official word from Google about Passage Indexing: “So, for example, let’s say you search for something pretty niche like ‘how can I determine if my house windows are UV glass.’ This is a pretty tricky query, and we get lots of webpages that talk about UV glass and how you need a special film, but none of this really helps the layperson take action. It is like another ranking factor for a better understanding of the context of passages on a page to help users with the most relevant search results. Google says that passage indexing is now capable of finding “that needle in a haystack.” Google Passage ranking will help the search engine giant better understand content deeply including all sub-topics, headings, and sections, even when you have not optimized your content for those specific search queries. It will work along with other ranking factors to bring better results for search queries without making much change to SERP. • You can consider additional keywords (but not overly optimized) for different passages to help Google easily understand the relevancy of each section for a search query.

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