202122 Feb
MG refutes rumours relating to under-invoicing
General News

LAHORE-Morris Garages (MG) officials in Pakistan state that the rumours relating to under-invoicing are absolutely false and baseless and are nothing but a panic response to the tremendous success of the introduction of British automobile brand–‘MG’ in Pakistan. Under Green Field Policy, SAIC’s joint venture company is setting up, a state-of-art local assembly plant for MG automobiles in Lahore. MG officials further state that the ultimate beneficiary of the negotiated price is valued customers, a rare phenomena in the Pakistani auto mobile sector. It is because of the above reason that the second leg of the rumor, i.e. FBR is investigating them for under-invoicing, is also totally false and baseless. MG Pakistan officials further state the company has honoured and will continue to honour its commitments and the company also ensure its customers and business partners of its unwavering commitment to serve the automobile industry of Pakistan by promoting competition and higher value at lower prices.

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