202122 Feb
Gamma LUT on SVX-4096 - User Update Capability
General News

For some time now we have offered a customer-specified Gamma LUT option on the SVX-4096, this was a customization service. Now we have enabled it as a user option so display system developers can add their own Gamma LUT. The Gamma LUT (Look-Up Table) enables the adjustment of colors on the display to match a calibration requirement. The process to update the SVX-4096 with a custom gamma LUT uses the free Digital View TCP/IP Serial Utility, a Windows based application that is worth knowing in any case. Details of software for use with Digital View controllers is provided here: https://www.digitalview.com/accessories/software.html Support details related to this functionality can be found on the SVX-4096 product webpage – click here for the SVX-4096 webpage: • SVX-4096 part number 4175500xx-3, with firmware version E1.07.00.22 or later • TCP/IP Serial Utility program version 1.11, this is a free Windows application by Digital View.

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