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How Studio 31 made the switch to using Kitomba Forms for their...
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When they were offered early access to Kitomba’s Forms feature as part of a beta group they made the switch right away. Kaaren described recreating their forms in Kitomba as being really straightforward: “It was just a matter of copying and pasting from our existing consultation documents. It didn’t really take long for staff to adjust, and it was great to bring the forms into Kitomba instead of using a secondary digital or paper system. “Having the forms saved to Kitomba means we don’t have to send files around when clients are visiting different locations and they don’t have to have another consultation.” With multiple locations and a large client base, going digital has had many other benefits for Kaaren and the team including reducing admin and saving space. Kaaren explained that their younger and more tech savvy clients find it really easy to use the new system and are able to work through forms in the waiting room before their appointments.

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