202115 Feb
8 Productivity Tips to Get More Out of Your Day
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For example, if you have to make a number of phone calls or send out emails as part of your company’s PR outreach strategy, alongside doing research which demands your full attention, and you also have to go to the coffee shop, then you need to have these completely different types of tasks planned upfront. For that reason, you could consider creating your own infographic and add up all the tested tips and tricks you know are helpful for you and the way you work, in order to minimize distractions and be productive. This might mean that you’re saving the first hours of your working day in order to be in your best shape to not only communicate with your co-workers efficiently but also offer your sharpest ideas that usually come when you’re not thinking of a trillion other things. Well, chats, emails, and all sorts of different communication channels that can be found in collaboration tools can be huge distractions and take your mind out of an important task you might be realizing. Such a task might sound easy, but in reality, you need to keep in mind all sorts of different things, plan properly, curate your content, and think of your audience while having to deal with a number of tools.

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