202115 Feb
ams awarded IoT Wearables Innovation of the Year
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The AS7038RB offers an additional diagnostic tool enabling the creation of wearable and disposable equipment for monitoring blood oxygen saturation accurately and safely, without requiring the presence of a medical practitioner.” Another high-profile technology from ams, the AS7341L spectral sensor, was nominated for the Technological Innovation Award category at the recent Innovation Award of China IoT Congress in 2020. Based on this technology, ams was also awarded funding by the Austrian Government to speed development of a cloud-connected, highly-sensitive, and accurate Lateral Flow Test (LFT) with digital read-out to be used in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus. During 2020, ams received a wide range of awards across global regions for its sensor solutions for consumer, medical and industrial, and automotive applications. • TMF8801 enables laser detection auto-focus for a smartphone camera to zero in on the target with accurate distance measurement even when the cover glass is smudged or dirty: • Innovation Award of China IoT Congress in 2020 by Elecfans. • TMD3719 behind-OLED ALS/proximity/flicker sensor enables OEMs to design smartphones that have no bezel and so maximise screen-to-body ratio: • MERANO-PD flood illuminator offers the high beam control and quality needed in face recognition, 3D scanning, and AR/VR applications: • Micro Lens Array technology for Automotive operates as ultra-small projectors which have images integrated into the micro-optic lens, producing sharp images in brilliant color: • AS3460 Digital Augmented Hearing companion chip provides world’s best performing noise cancellation for loose- and closed-fit earbuds:

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