202111 Feb

Best web hosting in 2021: Find the right service for your site


While you no longer need to be a programmer or an IT professional to properly configure a web presence, you do need to understand marketing and design and know how to get your message across. Weve spotlighted four classes of web hosting services, ranging from providers that give you a quick and easy way to build your website, all the way up to the big companies that provide full datacenter infrastructure capabilities as a service. Some, like Amazon with Lightsail and Digital Ocean with Droplets, allow you to point-and-click configure virtual WordPress machines or almost any other open-source content management system you may want. One quick note: Because the IaaS providers offer such configurable choices, we havent summarized cPanel, SSL, SSH, backups, etc. Today, I use Digital Ocean, AWS, Pagely, and GoDaddy (each for different types of work), but Ive purchased and tested hosting services from just about all the other sites.

Source: Zdnet