202114 Jan
Swedish startup Minna Technologies raises €15.5 million to help retail banks enable their subscription management offering
Funding Rounds
202114 Jan
$18.84MSeries B

In addition, Minna has now partnered with Lloyds Banking Group as its app now allows customers to easily and simply manage their subscriptions in just a few clicks, whenever and wherever they want. Minna’s tech represents the next generation in personal finance, in which customers can improve their financial health by real actions, not just insights. Joakim Sjöblom, CEO and co-founder of Minna Technologies, said: “Over the past four years the subscription economy has exploded from Spotify and Netflix to even iPhones and cars. Minna’s tech improves the procedure for banks by simplifying the process, as well as providing an in-demand digital product that consumers are starting to expect from their financial institutions. This new funding will help us take Minna across the globe to reach more banks and customers than before, and we look forward to working with Element Ventures to achieve our next period of growth.”