202112 Jan
TradeCore selects Tribe Payments as issuer processor
General News

The TradeCore platform offers digital banking, card issuing, traditional and alternative investments, crypto and KYC/AML products to fintechs via standardised APIs to accelerate time to market, reduce compliance burden and lower capex costs. Javelin Strategy and Research estimates that only one in five fraud predictions is correct meaning that fintechs that incorrectly decline transactions are losing out on revenue and frustrating their customers. In addition to issuer processing, TradeCore’s customers will use Tribe’s authentication and fraud protection system which includes an advanced 3-D Secure protocol. The additional data based on the use of these services allows TradeCore and Tribe Payments to more accurately identify false positives and put fintechs in control of transaction authentication. “In the last 10 years we’ve seen fintechs drive real change in financial services, but card programmes have pretty much stood still.

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