202112 Jan
2021 New Year’s Resolutions for Quality
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That means you need to know everything about each individual defect, mistake and error, and then you can summarize that. Go out and find the 4% of your businesses producing over half the mistakes, errors, waste, rework, lost profit, patient harm… whatever it is. By the end of the year you will have hit 16% of all the stuff that’s really causing harm inside of your business and wasting money and profits. If you do 4%, 4%, 4%, 4% and maybe next year do four more and four more, by the middle of next year (that’s 18 months) you’ll be slaying most of the dragons that are facing your company and you’ll be massively more successful and profitable, which will make you more money, which will get you more customers, which will get you all kinds of things that you want, right? “So that’s something you can do: Pledge allegiance to the 4%, Worst First each quarter until you get all of that stuff out of the way.

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