202112 Jan
Magento CRM: Top Magento CRM integration for your ecommerce site
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HubSpot CRM and Magento integration creates a great opportunity for business owners to organize marketing campaigns and customer-related information. The integration also helps to increase the number of new customers and better retain the existing ones, due to the numerous features the CRM presents. Another important detail that makes HubSpot different from other CRMs is the ability to track email engagement and support an unlimited number of users even on a free plan. Freshsales include lead, deal, and account management tools that allow your team to find new customers, walk them toward the end of the pipeline tracking every step, so nothing will fall through the crack. To clarify, the system discovers sales-ready buying signals, reacts to them by notifying reps about the readiness of the prospect to make the purchase, and reorders leads as per their selling potential.

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