202108 Jan
Mana Therapeutics Raises $35M Series A Financing
Funding Rounds
202108 Jan
$35MSeries A

Mana is using its EDIFY™ platform to develop a pipeline of proprietary and partnered off-the-shelf cell therapies for cancer patients across a broad range of liquid and solid tumors, with an initial focus on relapsed acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The platform leverages natural immune system pathways to educate T-cells to target multiple cell surface and intracellular tumor-associated antigens. The company was founded based on the research and human proof-of-concept clinical trials conducted by Catherine Bollard, M.D., MBChB and her team at Children’s National Hospital (CNH) along with colleagues at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. The initial CNH and Hopkins-led clinical trials in solid and hematologic tumors supported a strong safety profile, showed immunological anti-tumor activity and validated MANA’s initial set of tumor antigens. As part of the financing, Drew Dennison of Lightchain Capital has joined the MANA Board of Directors.

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