202014 Dec

How Lead Generation Tactics Can Boost Your Link Building Results


If you’re using an outreach tool (both Pitchbox and Link Hunter are good options, depending on your budget and complexity of your project), it will handle some of the lead nurturing for you. • Reaching out on social media (through ads and/or manual outreach) If you want to go even further, you can adopt a well-organized customer relationship management strategy towards your linking leads. To get you started, here’s a solid comparison of major CRM types, as well as lead generation and nurturing platforms allowing you to properly organize and monitor your link building prospects. Find alternative contacts and decision makers within each publication In B2B, this process is called “account-based marketing”, i.e. when you know exactly which company would make your ideal customer and you start researching how to best onboard it. For example, instead of “Sign up for a free trial”, you may include a press coverage link or invite visitors to download additional data or resources.

Source: Google