202025 Nov
Intuiface-Sightcorp Partnership Brings No Code Audience Analytics to Digital Signage
General News

Intuiface and Sightcorp have integrated their respective solutions to create a unified, no code, computer vision-based approach to building, running, and measuring effective digital out-of-home deployments. The challenge is to enable system integrators and businesses possessing office and/or retail space to flexibly implement such deployments across various environments without high cost or outsourcing. Real-time AI-powered face analysis data, including information like age, gender, views, impressions, and dwell time, are anonymously collected by Sightcorps DeepSight Toolkit, plug-and-play, GDPR-compliant software compatible with any 2D camera attached to a Windows or Linux-driven edge device. Intuiface experiences – running on any of seven platforms, including Windows, Android, BrightSign, Samsung Tizen, and LG webOS – are connected to DeepSight Toolkit using an out-of-the-box integration requiring only the address of the toolkit-hosting device. We are an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam, and we transform computer vision and deep learning research into commercial and easy-to-use software solutions that give our customers across the globe accurate and actionable insights into their audiences in real-time.

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