202025 Nov
Powering your brand perception with content marketing: A complete guide
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More specifically, brand perception is not entirely under your control — you can drive it via a focused content marketing strategy and through channels like customer service, but consumers must respond positively for it to gain traction. The company got a wave of support when it was temporarily banned from the Apple App Store in June 2020 — signups more than tripled while it was in approval limbo, a prime example of earned media’s power. But since B2C companies typically have a smaller window in which to make an impression on the target audience, they often resort to more emotional content marketing designed to elicit an instant response (we can see glimpses of this in the emoji that HEY used in the above tweet). In this post, it underscored how Grammarly can support more empathetic writing, with some sensitive context (“In times like these”) and an embedded CTA designed to empower the reader (“Deliver the message you intend”). In this tweet, someone thanks Grammarly for making them feel like a “virtuoso,” reflecting positive brand reception seeded by a content marketing asset, in this case an analytics report on word usage.

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