202025 Nov
To succeed, enterprise cyber security needs IoT scale
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One concerning case last year saw cyber attackers take over a family’s smart home devices to blast music at loud volumes, talk to the couple through a camera in their kitchen, and crank their thermostat to 90°. For example, at a past DEF CON security conference, Jay Radcliffe, an ethical hacker and diabetic, demonstrated that it wasn’t that difficult to take remote control of an insulin pump and deliver a lethal dose to a patient. Should this data be stolen, or its network flow disrupted through a denial of service attack or a targeted ransomware strike, the results could be highly destructive to business reputation and operational availability. The longer they wait, the harder it’s going to be to successfully consolidate, especially as IoT deployments accelerate and there are ever more devices on networks, for example, as a result of the explosion of remote working caused by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Without a centralised console, decentralised information about security events - including attacks across domains - will be lost or overlooked, and teams will be forced to try to manually piece together their responses.

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