202025 Nov
The evolution of USB Type C in power-only applications
General News

At a basic level, the USB Type C standard only represents the physical connector found in today’s electronics such as cell phones and laptops. But, again, while often seen together, the Power Delivery specification is really controlled by the charging circuit and only limited by the voltage and current rating of the physical USB Type C connector. End-users are not the only ones who stand to benefit, as OEMs also have access to a stable supply chain due to USB’s widespread use, while its standardization affords a level of interoperability and simplified design integration. As a result of the benefits listed above, CUI Devices has introduced power-only USB Type C receptacles for designs where power delivery or charging is the singular function. However, this is simply not the case, as they can interface with any standard data+power USB Type C cable, further adding to their convenience with no additional hardware or requirements needed to function.

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