202025 Nov
Design considerations of EMI resistant connectors
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In those situations, EMI can cause orders, control adjustments and medical data respectively to be miscommunicated, with potentially fatal consequences. As a result, they act as an insulating shield, as opposed to other non-conductive enclosures, including plastic ones, which are transparent to EMI and allow the interference to pass through unimpeded. Backshells like the Amphenol M85049, Polamco 35 Series and Sunbank M85049 are specifically designed to give a 360 degree connection with the cable braid, which offers the best EMI protection for the wire itself. For the best protection, the coaxial sheath should be grounded to the backshell of the connector to allow an escape route for the EMI induced current. Using filters is quite convenient because they can easily be retroactively applied to typically noisy networks with little to no reworking or redesigns of equipment needed.

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