202025 Nov
New AGESA BIOS Updates enables AMD Smart Access Memory functionality for X470 and B450
General News

Last week when the RX 6800 series graphics cards got released, a feature called SAM (Smart Access Memory) was enabled to select X570 motherboards in combination with a Ryzen 5000 series processor and RDNA2 graphics card. In very short explaining, the processor with this feature can address the graphics card memory (in full) instead of a block that normally is 256MB. BTW above 4G support has been sitting in your mobo BIOS for a long time now as really it is a standard PCIe feature, but this seems to really take off with the new GPUs as it was never used. The colleagues from Computerbase report that all current BIOS files for ASRock are supported as well as MSI who distributed the first beta versions to testers, which on the one hand enable Smart Access Memory on X470 and B450 and on the other hand roll out AGESA v2 with Curve Optimizer. Once updated, it is not possible to switch back to an older BIOS version in the event of problems.

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