202025 Nov
Sandisk Branding Ceases to Exist - becomes filly integrated into Western Digital brand
General News

You can probably remember that a couple of years ago Western Digital acquired Sandisk in an offer to get into the NAND market. SanDisk has decided to change its name to Western Digital. This will change the new trade name to Western Digital GK. Western Digital offers NAND flash memory products and HDDs (hard disk drives) at the top level of multiple brand products such as WD® and SanDisk brands, from consumers to enterprises and large-scale data centers. Among them, SanDisk Co., Ltd. has been in charge of the flash memory business, but with this change of trade name, it has become clearer that it is a Western Digital Group, making quicker decisions than ever before, and domestic customers and We aim to create a corporate structure that can further contribute to our business partners.

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