202025 Nov
Effective Time Management Tools to Boost Productivity of Remote Teams
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During the lockdown, it can feel like all we have is time, so we may not recognize the need to effectively manage it and make conscious decisions to better prioritize our tasks. Implementing time management tools is hard to get right under any circumstances, but add to it the complexity of distributed teams, coordinating efforts with others remotely, dealing with the isolation and loneliness of the lockdown, it becomes a challenge that requires some creative solutions. This feeling of isolation can lead to a sluggish mental attitude, causing us to be unmotivated which can greatly affect how we manage our time. Plan your breaks – and stick to them Switching off and dedicating time to activities you enjoy is key to staying refreshed and motivated. For example, setting aside time in the day to make calls or respond to emails can avoid constant distractions and can be a great productivity hack.

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