202025 Nov
FBR proposes Rs10 health tax on a pack of cigarettes
General News

The anti-tobacco lobby has been advocating imposition of the Health Levy as the price increase would discourage consumption, especially among children and youths. They wondered where the health levy has disappeared despite granting of approval by the federal cabinet during the last fiscal year. On the other hand, the giant formal tobacco sector companies, including Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) and Philip Morris, are sternly opposing this move, arguing that the consumption would not reduce but it would result in shifting of consumers from the formal sector to illicit cigarettes. Together with the increased share of an illicit product, the estimated losses to the national exchequer could go up to Rs100 billion, they added. Legal points forwarded to the Ministry of Law were never considered before, so it is essential to seek advice before moving ahead, the FBR official said.

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