202025 Nov
Viva Aerobus celebrates go-live of AMOSmobile/EXEC | Swiss-AS
General News

During the celebration, Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO of Viva Aerobus, stated, “The AMOSmobile implementation at Viva Aerobus is a great milestone in our journey to the digital transformation of our aircraft maintenance execution, maintenance planning and engineering control, as well as a key contribution to our ULCC business model and environmental policy by being a paperless airline”. Now the technicians receive real time info on their iPads on stock levels etc, issue pickslips themselves or enter their data directly into AMOS. The implementation of AMOSmobile/EXEC also enables Viva Aerobus to take advantage of “real time” data which in turn can deliver an increase in the mechanics’ productivity. The potential to reduce the possibility of transcription errors and update the aircraft status and configuration cannot be under estimated from a safety and reliability point of view. AMOSmobile/EXEC delivers process-driven menus and functions on a touch-optimised device to ensure that the mechanics have ability to customise their AMOSmobile dashboard in an intuitive and user-friendly format.

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